Testing Platform – Security

Kryterion has developed one of the most comprehensive security models based on more than 20 years of experience in the testing industry. All data is stored in a class 1 data center. SSL encryption ensures that sensitive data is not exposed when being transmitted. Each test delivery method has a relevant security model to ensure integrity of the data as well as to minimize the possibility of cheating by Test Takers.

System Lockdown

Our lockdown technologies ensure that the only thing a Test Taker can see is the test they are taking.

Kryterion’s custom developed online proctoring application was engineered by leading Windows™ and Apple™ experts to take control of the end user’s system at the operating system level. This lockdown allows only authorized and system level routines to run.

Facial Recognition

Our online proctoring facial recognition technology allows us to capture a person’s facial biometric when they enroll, and make sure that it is the same person that then returns to take tests over time.

Keystroke Biometrics

Your keystroke signature is unique and as identifiable as a fingerprint. Kryterion creates a biometric profile based on a Test Takers unique typing rhythm.

Just like a fingerprint or signature, an individual typing pattern is a unique way to recognize a user.

Passwords become like individual fingerprints that can’t be lost or shared. The service is simple to use and works anywhere.