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Online Proctoring – Observing test takers online using webcams and microphones.

Kryterion’s Certified Professional Proctors observe test-takers in both the corporate certification and licensure industry and higher education markets.

Several companies from the Forbes “World’s Most Innovative Companies” list have used Kryterion online proctoring for years. High-profile corporate certifications require testing solutions that can ensure quality and security.

The online learning market is seeking technology tools that ensure academic integrity within it’s programs. This demand is driven by the mass adoption of online learning, the education technology boom and MOOCs.

Kryterion was the first to bring online proctoring to market globally, winning the United States Distance Learning Award for 21st Century Best Practices in Distance Learning in 2009.

Kryterion Online Proctoring Service

Kryterion’s Online Proctoring service provides a credible, secure and convenient testing option for your online learning students. Our certified proctors support your students and ensure they adhere to your academic integrity standards. This online proctoring service can be used with any test delivery engine or Learning Management System and does not require integration with your existing platforms.

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Free Online Proctoring Pilots for Blackboard Learn™ Clients

Kryterion and Blackboard partnered to deliver the only fully integrated online proctoring solution for Blackboard Learn™ clients. You can learn more about this powerful and seamless service here or contact our Higher Ed sales team at or 602.476.6955.

Contact us today to learn more about our award winning technology and see how online proctoring can optimize your online learning or certification program.

Behavior Alerts

Our proctors are highly trained to detect any unusual behavior from test takers.

The Kryterion Certified Online Proctors (KCOPs) are trained to watch and listen for any unusual behaviors from the test taker. For example, unusual eye movements, removing oneself from the field of vision and making atypical noises are all noted and a behavior alert is sent to the test taker, depending on the business rules you set. The test taker is required to acknowledge the alert before continuing with the test and the KCOP resumes or stops the testing process, depending on the action you’d like us to take.

Live Video Monitoring

Our full service online proctoring system provides real time monitoring with remote Kryterion Certified Proctors. It’s as if the proctor is in the room with the test taker but only better!

Kryterion’s certified online proctors (KCOPs) monitor testing sessions in real time. They are focused solely on the task of detecting unusual behavior such as unusual eye movements, removing oneself from the field of vision or making atypical noises.

KCOPs go through an extensive training and certification process and they take action based on your business rules. Stop the test? Warn the test taker? Take no action other than flagging the activity and inform you? You create the business rules and our system will respond accordingly in real-time. Our new split screen capability allows for a variety of on screen test aids (e.g., calculators, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.) to further prevent unauthorized usage of physical devices (e.g., programmable calculators). KCOPs communicate with test takers through drop down menu options preventing direct communication between the test taker and the proctor, eliminating the possibility of collusion. Additionally, technical support representatives are available to work with test takers on the phone in the event of a video, audio transmission or other support issue.

Secure Authentication

Kryterion offers the most secure authentication protocols in the industry.

Kryterion sets the standard in test taker identification verification. A digital photo match of the test taker is completed utilizing facial recognition software and a visual match at test launch which is stored with the test taker’s test record. We also use patented software that differentiates individuals based on his/her keystroke patterns.

By measuring the pattern of keystroke rhythms, the technology can recognize an individual with supreme accuracy. Should your institution have another means of identifying an individual, the picture or document can also be scanned and uploaded to the system and stored with the test taker’s information for additional authentication.

Secure Delivery

Only Kryterion takes complete control of the test taker’s workstation – transforming their home PC into a complete test center environment.

At the core of the Online Proctored Testing (OLP) service is the patent pending software, Sentinel Secure™, Kryterion’s flagship software application that creates a secure, locked-down testing environment on the test taker’s personal computer to ensure the integrity and security of the testing session. OLP virtually takes complete control of the test taker’s machine, transforming the standard personal computer into a secure testing workstation.

Our OLP service seamlessly integrates with a variety of test engines and learning management system platforms, so tests don’t have to be ported into a different format and can remotely proctor your performance-based tests – making the ability to test proficiency in third party applications easy and cost effective.

Session Reviews

Online proctored events can be recorded and a complete session review is available 24/7.

With Kryterion, you have the option to have each test session audio and video recorded, with annotations regarding unusual behaviors for later review. You have access to the sessions at any time post-test to review the test taker’s behavior and actions taken during the test; in case you need to make any decisions or take action due to any unusual behavior that may have taken place during the session.

Webcam Ordering

If you need a webcam for Kryterion testing, order it here. (

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