About Us

Kryterion is a full service provider of customizable assessment and certification products and services. We work with organizations to build and deliver everything from skills tests and simple online assessments to a comprehensive high-stakes worldwide certification program. We offer a viable addition to high-stakes test delivery with unsurpassed program security, control and convenience.

With Webassessor™, our Online Secured Testing Technology, you can author test questions, create tests, deliver tests in a variety of test delivery formats and manage test taker data anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Through Webassessor’s™ powerful, integrated interface, you can:

  • Conveniently and securely access Webassessor™ wherever you have Internet connection. Test Takers, Program Managers, Instructors, Administrators, Question/Item Authors or even Test Developers can access the data and test information they need anytime, anywhere.
  • Securely control data and improve assessments without the inconveniences commonly found in other tools. Create and update items, create and publish tests and run real-time reports without incurring any additional fees.
  • Configure Webassessor™ to reflect the objectives of your program or assessment. Extend your brand into customized test taker pages and tailor everything from data fields to reports that meet specific program assessment and test taker needs.
  • Choose from five test delivery and proctoring options that cater to the needs of your assessment specifications. Select from one, or create the combination that best fits your exact assessment needs. Instead of sending your test takers to the test – offer your tests where they live, learn and work.
  • Confidently manage a variety of security technologies imbedded within every layer of the Webassessor Sentinel Security Shield™ technology to determine the level of security that best suits your test content, test taker data, access permissions and much more. Webassessor Sentinel Security Shield secures online test delivery while making high-stakes online testing a reality and Online Proctoring a cost effective option.

Kryterion is not just a viable alternative to traditional testing methods, it represents a quantum leap in testing – true Online Secured Testing. This is the result of the intelligent application of existing technologies combined with the latest advancements in test delivery. Webassessor™ changes the very way we think about testing.