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 Kryterion Mentioned in the Los Angeles Times
Finding ways to thwart the ingenuity of computer-savvy students is crucial to proving Internet courses and diplomas are valid. Webcams and keystroke monitoring are among tools in use.
 Kryterion Mentioned in PCWorld
Amazon Web Services launches new certification program, will be administered through Kryterion testing centers
 Kryterion to Present Online Proctoring and Authentication at USDLA National Conference
Kryterion was the first to bring online proctoring to the global market and was awarded the USDLA 21st Century Distance Learning Award
 Kryterion Mentioned in The Chronicle of Higher Education
One of Kryterion's goals is to turn the job of proctoring from an incidental or part-time gig for professors and other educators into a bona fide "career path," said Mr. Dorman, the chief executive

Online Proctoring Puts You in Control
Online proctoring provides a secure testing environment from virtually any computer.
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Secure Testing Industry Leader
Innovative technology that leverages a secure network to provide the most robust delivery service in the industry.
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Unsurpassed Service
Kryterion's award winning SaaS model test delivery platform called Webassessor™ comes with the best client support in the business.
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What We Do
Kryterion is a full-service test development and delivery company that provides world-class online testing technology integrating item banking, test delivery and real time reports; while leveraging a global network of testing centers. Kryterion is the market leader in live Online Proctoring, which utilizes remote video monitoring to observe test takers where they live, learn or work.

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